in my mother’s eyes

i heard a song today, a song my friend shared for mothers everywhere and it moved me to tears… such a beautiful song that captures how i feel about my mum…

so many moments, phone calls of encouragement, coming to my music concerts growing up, reminding me of who i was when i really had lost it, pointing out the important things, building my faith, thinking through tricky scenarios, prayer walks along the beach, our memorable trip to taranaki and that goat, giving me away to be married… so many countless moments.

we were a team, when i needed her most she has always spoken into my life and given me reassurance, sometimes thinking i am crazy but giving me confidence any way.

like the song says her hope she gives to me.

please listen, it’s a goodie…

i love you with all my heart mum.

one spring day

another beautiful start to spring meant we could explore a central place of our local area …

spring has sprung here in the mid-north of nz and we have enjoyed warm and sunny weather during our first week of term 3 holidays. visiting family was a good excuse to visit a local outdoor area.
the kerikeri domain is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the water and historical buildings. people were enjoying the sun that was crossed over by clouds at different times. the gang of roosters on the north side were a bit much for me but the ducks and a friendly goose were fun to interact with. 
our boy is such an outdoor boy and loves to say ‘ i’m excited ‘ now. he sure was excited this day. 
:: holding on to the good ::

huia and whatipu

a chance to visit family and do some errands in auckland this weekend, found us in huia and whatipu, the beginning of the waitakere ranges and a place of raw beauty…

we started at the huia store, a delicious lunch and a similar atmosphere meant there was lots to sit and look at and the food was everything we hoped it would be. a winding crawl around the shore line and up and down a steep range, we found ourselves at whatipu, a remote beach on the most southern part of the west coast.

gran shared stories of visiting as a young child and my great great aunt having dance parties in the cave as a young woman (aunty dora was my great grandmother’s sister). my mum loves this place too and pointed out places they had visited before. isaiah and hubby explored further along and because the area has strict dog free signs, we stayed back to keep tarla company.

huia was previously known as te huia as the area is thought to be named after chief, te huia, who stayed in the bay and was so taken by the area that he remained there. i can completely relate and vowed we would return to explore further another day. it is a beautiful, raw place to visit and well worth the effort to get there.

:: holding on to the good ::


it’s such a joy to see little cousins together, calling for each other and giving away hugs whenever possible. we had a great time with my brother, sister-in-law and beautiful niece visit today…

isaiah started off from being woken up from his mid-afternoon nap, so needed to warm up to our visitors. by the end he was sitting on the couch with uncle matt watching ‘ball’, running around with his cousin with toys being shared and sneaking snacks together. it was a real breath of fresh air to have family come to hang out. they are our first visitors apart from our parents to our new home. it’s nice to know they know where we are now.

cool mornings, with gorgeous sunny days have been the norm this week and i am silently praying this is all winter is cracked up to be here in the mid north. the cool winds are nothing to the sun that has poured down on us this week. glorious, i whisper with baited breath.

:: holding on to the good ::

sickness and taking stock

this is the beginning of the third {yes, number three} week we have been battling sickness in our family. i am sharing some thoughts on that and a new place to call home…

we haven’t had to face it like this ever before, where all members of the family are dealing with sickness at the same time with the whirling of life twisting around us; it’s a bit exhausting, overwhelming and plain frustrating. especially through the move to our new house.

i am at home with our little boy who is recuperating from a chesty cough, sitting on our sofa and enjoying the warmth of the fire. the sun is streaming through the large windows of our new house and things are starting to settle. 
it feels so good to just finally be here in this moment {minus the sickness of course}. i am just so very grateful for where we are right now. an opportunity to settle, and sort and take stock of where we are and where we are heading. 
that feels pretty darn awesome. 

we are coming up with a ‘to do’ list for the house, summer projects and in the future plans. we can see potential and promise here. 

i feel a glimpse of the future without dread or fear; a new feeling after some years of not being able to see past the 24 hours in front of me. 
i’ll be back soon to share more on my mental wealth journey and finding the grace and goodness that is found in everyday life. 
:: holding on to the good ::

mother’s day | 2015

motherhood defines you. if you are a mother, you hold on to that moment {and the moments} that changed your identity and your destiny so close because suddenly your heart is moving and living outside of you. it’s an incredibly humbling and raw journey to be on.

mum’s you rock!

today was a beauty day of sleep ins, snuggles with my boys and then breakfast. our church celebrated mother’s day in such a honouring and fun way. we then had a picnic by the river and fed the ducks. you can see isaiah’s confidence grow through the pictures, such an example of my little boy’s character. i am so incredibly proud of who he is becoming.

hubby spoiled me with gifts and doing special jobs to make me relax and refresh. thank you so much for a great day today.

some days i question whether i can actually do it! but i’ve realised that’s an aspect of the journey, always wanting to do your best and sometimes letting your best be enough… it’s the rawness all mother’s will understand.

love to the mama’s; the strong ones, the needy ones, the silent ones, the grieving, and waiting-to-be mamas, the mamas who choose to play that part for others, to the never-forgotten mamas, the mamas we can take for granted. you rock!

:: holding on to the good ::

a place to call home

last week was a crazy one, no wonder our whole family {including the 2 year old} slept late this weekend.

we never would have expected to have so many things fall into place and end up with…
a new home!

we have been yearning for a place to call home and settle down for a bit. hubby and i were talking the other night and we realised we have never lived in our own home. we have some property and loved being somewhat nomads overseas but we are ready to sink our teeth into a house that has some do-up jobs and create memories as a family.

we feel so blessed and at peace with life here in kerikeri. it’s a beautiful spot of paradise, with lots happening and to get involved with.

so yeah, whatcha reckon?!

** photos used from the online advertisement, more to come when we move in!

:: holding on to the good ::

a reunion, auckland adventures and happiness

we are back home preparing for round two {term two} of the school year. we have had a busy, spontaneous and productive holiday, with a new car to add to the excitement. 
one of my highlights was having a special catch up with my forever-friend elvie and her hubby and gorgeous little boy… 

it was beyond incredible to get to sit together and have our family meet! we have been friends since we were eight years old, with lots of moments to reminisce over and i loved knowing we were adding this one too.

isaiah has always been fascinated by animals and knows many of their sounds. he loves to point them out as we travel the countryside and taking him to auckland zoo for the first time was a real thrill for me. i remember going as a young one with my gran and other family members, enjoying the beautiful surrounds and learning about the animals.

he was the bravest of the brave feeding zabulu, the male giraffe, he was not fearful at all and it was amazing to watch him enjoy his time up close with such a majestic animal {who was all about the food!}.

so true, and the ice cream has to be tip top’s passionfruit ripple… happy happy happy.

i really hope you have had a special time over the last couple of weeks, it’s been a bit quiet on here of late but i continue to write when i can and want to share with you soon. thank you always for coming to meet with me over in this spot.

:: holding on to the good ::

easter 2015

our family gathered in a local park to celebrate easter and spend time together. the cousins running freely, sharing hugs and cheeky laughs. it was a memorable time…

family together is all i wanted this weekend. these photos share moments of love. it’s said by many that children spell love T-I-M-E and when we’re spread out and busy busy, these moments matter and i am thankful and grateful for this time together.

this easter egg hunt was isaiah’s first and so entertaining! the uncles hid the rewards through a little forest of mair pack {where we had his first birthday!} and with little buckets they gathered their eggs.

it certainly feels like an endless summer and long may it last! what these photos do not capture is special times in ruakaka with the hubbard family and dinners and visiting with friends. the weekend was a wonderful time to remember what i’m most grateful for. 

including time with my family, for me, easter is about atonement and sacrificial love. an only son who gave his life because God so loved the world. the greatest gift for ever and ever.

how was your easter?!
:: holding on to the good ::

autumn equinox

the march equinox marks the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the earth’s equator – from south to north. this happens on the 20th this year

we make every effort possible to make friday afternoon’s family time and something to look forward to {and some spontaneous events thrown in}.
today felt special. a moment when you can step back after a mammoth week and take a moment to be thankful for where you are and who you are with. 
autumn is here and it is vivid but still holds the warmth of the north. 
we are loving it. 
:: holding on to the good ::