our far north get-away

we love the far north, a place to relax and unwind. this year we were delayed a little bit but it happened to pay off as we had the most epic weather possible! it was so good to get away and relax together, also having mark’s parents visit for the last two days.

isaiah lights up even more in the outdoors and lapped up the wide open space and water {not literally!}.



my highlights
bike rides in the evening
perfect weather
seeing my son and hubby swimming together in the harbour
cooking outside
beautiful sunsets every night
the freshest corn i have had since childhood
happening upon a local market accidentally
4×4 driving on ninety mile beach
opp shopping in kaitaia
our friendly, helpful neighbours
cooking fresh seafood gathered from my hubby
the new gazebo for christmas
dreaming big about this year
pracitising my photography skills on manual {again after so long}
this year far surpassed our memories of camping at kaimaumau last year. the weather was amazing and we didn’t have to fight the showers that can sweep in at all! the far north is a special place as you have a pick of each coast and lots of beautiful seaside spots. having an all terrain vehicle definitely helps up this far north as you aren’t limited to the roads only.
i love exploring new places and for hubby’s family it is a nostalgic place to visit with lots of memories of their five years living in the area. if you haven’t been to the far north of new zealand i implore you to check it out!
what little adventures have you been up to lately?
:: holding on to the good ::

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Things I am Loving – Determination

We have been having ongoing negotiations around dinner lately. I can’t always figure my son’s eating patterns out and I sometimes end with that feeling of not providing what he needs. 

Figuring dinner this day, I chose a pasta and broccoli combo which usually goes down a treat. Dishes served up and we are ready to go. Eversion, diversion and splat; food on the floor. This was not turning out good until Isaiah started to beacon for a fork on the table with ‘peeese’. 

His new set was found and here in lies the amusement of his own fork and spoon.

He wanted to do it himself. Success!
The funny thing is, he ate all the broccoli first.
Good boy, son!

Things I’m loving – Nami Island, Korea

For our Easter Weekend we decided to take a day trip to a new place we had never been to, a privately owned half-moon island in the middle of the Han River – Naminara Republic. A very quick ferry ride across the river took us to this interesting place. 

 We traveled around the island on a bicycle cart where Mark drove, I manned the horn and brake and Isaiah held on… As you can see, our boy was a major fan and didn’t want to leave when we went exploring.

 We also had to take a family photo at the heart sculpture but someone didn’t want to play happy families…

Running, running, running…

Being amongst the trees and the water was very good for the soul, the fresh air and breeze…

 There was a lot of wildlife to see and birds to hear… We tried to capture the squirrels as we sat, but they were so fast!

I am so thankful we could take this trip and make special memories in new places. It is not long now until we move from the Land of the Morning Calm so we want to make the most of it and this beautiful season of Spring!
What are you loving?

Things I am loving {October 12}

according to my instagram: 

Long cool evenings, with the sun peaking through leaves of various colors.
 A little boy growing up too fast; in just over two months we will be celebrating his first birthday!

A new face brandished whenever he is ecstatic or being silly. Hilarious.
Amazingly clear, stunning sunsets from our balcony. This fall has been the best yet!
Roaming night markets and taking in the atmosphere just around the corner from our apartment.
Getting to the end of a week that took everything I had, and being reminded comfy couches always help. 
An overview of some things I am loving and reminding myself of these things!
What are you loving lately?

Looking back and forward

 Sickness, school events and celebrations have kept me super busy this week!
I am thankful to share that Baby Hub is all clear of sickness now. He had been battling with a double ear infection for over a week. This boy is still so sweet and happy even though I know it has been painful; not to mention anti-biotics issues.  Loving that he is starting to chew on everything! He shows so much determination when he wants to put something in his mouth. Teething is coming up fast I think.

I love special events at school. We had a read-a-thon day at school on Wednesday and I was Piglet… Chosen because at the moment, this is Isaiah’s favorite. This was a day intertwined with intensity and fun!

Phew, it was a great success and the students really enjoyed the great activities that the staff prepared. It was just nice to have a day to mix altogether and to celebrate reading and a love of book characters. 

 I love our community. On Friday, we had our annual ANZAC BBQ – see 2011’s here. This event is where us Kiwis and Aussies share something special here in our community. Coming together with many colleagues of different backgrounds and commemorating our ANZACs and what they did for us and the world.

Our friend, Mike shared great words to begin the evening, explaining why we celebrate and connecting it to what is happening on the soil that we stand on here in Korea. We are so thankful for what could be seen as peace right now.

We recognize those that fought for our freedom and we remember them. We also pray for freedom between the two countries divided here on the peninsula we live in. 

The countdown is on until the end of our school year. Six weeks to go and we will be returning to Aotearoa for a few weeks and then onto the Gold Coast of Australia. Lots to do and lots to look forward to!

Why I love Fridays

There is something about Fridays for this girl!
The feeling of a week finished but a weekend not yet begun. 
Is there anything better?

A space of time where pressure releases just as if you are opening a soda bottle for the first time. The fizz and tension escaping in a way that feels light and free.

That sudden rush of opportunity and free choice warms my middle. Every Friday I savor my favorite time of the week and the feeling of knowing the weekend is in reach.

All I want to do is breathe in that feeling.

A simple love this week.

Have a great one!

Loving our Spring Break

This year, we traveled down to Busan ~ the second largest city and on the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. It was our first trip away with baby Hub. It was amazing how being by the sea can be so refreshing!

 The weather was a lot warmer than where we are in the north, with one day reaching 19degrees!

On our first night we had galbi (korean bbq) for dinner, with our boy waking up halfway through. As a blue-eyed boy, Isaiah garners a lot of attention so one ajuma wrapped him up and enjoyed showing him off while we finished our meal. Children are truly cherished here in this country and it is very safe to show affection to little ones. Many parents beam when you engage with their child and compliment them. I love this about Korea.

 It was great to connect with our friend, Mike and his daughter we worked with and who now live and work at an international school there. Isaiah got lots of attention and hugs, I love his look here – ‘oh girls!’

We walked along the boulevard (something I was craving when we had planned this trip) together and learned a little more from Mike about this big city. It is a very international location because it is the largest port on the peninsula.

The boulevard was all I had hoped it could be, but unfortunately no waves were to be had for Hubby. But maybe next time!

We also discovered a lot about traveling with a little. In the past we have been all about packing in as much adventure as possible but here we planned one thing a day and chilled. Napping together as a family at times too, I really should find the same blackout curtains as the Hotel we stayed at, they worked wonders for us all and are an awesome invention!

Isaiah was so fascinated by the fish and other water life. There were beautiful displays but it does move you to think about how many of these marine life are not seen in the wild here.

This is a great place to visit in Busan, located right on the waterfront at Hyundae beach.

Eating fresh at local eateries was really great.

It was special to bond with our boy more and make memories of our first holiday trip away as a family.

Thanks Busan, we loved the relaxed atmosphere, sun and your variety! We may just make a trip back again sometime.

I’m leaving on a jet plane and things I love…

hi everyone, mum has asked me to share some of my favorite things about being in nz before we go to a new place i have heard a lot about, our home for now, south korea.

i am going on a jet plane and i am not even five weeks yet but i am excited for my next adventure…

let me share some things I have loved so far…

spending time with my nan

borrowing this playmat from Jacksta and doing some study

going to the beach with aunty liss, but it was a little too windy for my liking that day

contemplating life with uncle levi

practicing my all blacks stance with uncle matt
being a part of four generations is super amazing, can you see my look of surprise here?
hope you enjoyed reading my list, theres heaps more but i have to go now, thanks nz – it’s been awesome. i know i am a little kiwi because i already love this place.

a mini road trip

we went out today with our wonderful niece and nephew to enjoy the sun (and a few showers) and the sea, albeit no waves.
our final destination was langs beach, a favourite spot along the bream bay area. 
it was so fun to observe our dogs lapping up the shoreline and running around in the big space provided. 
i didn’t venture right into the water but I dipped my toes in and brrr – it is still chilly – i was impressed that hubby, niece and nephew were in for so long!
our niece was fearless and enjoyed being pushed into the waves by her uncle… as you can see above, tarla our doggie wanted to join in too!
go reb!