my one word 2016

each new year i adopt a word that i want to encompass for the up coming year. it’s a word that seems to gravitate towards my thought life and one that i look to develop through my attitude, actions and faith journey…


vb – thrives, thriving, thrived, throve, thrived or thriven
1. to grow strongly and vigorously
2. to do well; prosper

i feel like my goal is to bring life into the situations i face. to see the positive and aim to sew seeds of hope and support to loving life in the now. it’s building on what took place last year, focusing on being grateful and rising up from some dark places.

ones from previous years:

‘move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up’
‘to return to consciousness or life : become active or flourishing again’
‘to invest with power, to equip or supply with an ability; enable’

do you have a chosen word or theme for the year ahead? i’d love to hear your goals, dreams or words  for this year… 
:: holding on to the good ::

grateful in june, 2015 pt 3

the third and final installment of my list of gratitudes for the month of june. i am so thankful to look back and see the blessings embedded in everyday… 

21. remembering seven years ago, i went up a mountain and came down engaged to my love!

22. collaborating with a positive and committed team.

23. realising the peace that comes from living in our home.

24. five year olds and their infectious energy.

25. keeping positive and pushing through   

26. surviving the week, seriously grateful!

27. a sleep-in!

28. funs times kicking a ball around with my boys.

29. discussing my passion for lifelong learning.

30. a new venture and adventure approaching.

31. making leek and potato soup for the first time, delish!

june, what a manic month you were! it really helped me appreciate the small accomplishments and experiences along the way. thanks a bunch!

can you believe it is july is already?

:: holding on to the good ::

grateful in june, 2015 pt 2

this week has surely been a rollercoaster of emotion. it’s been full on and i kindof forgot to find gratitude for a couple of days but i am back on track now. it really does matter in amongst the dark and cold and grey. yes, that’s it…

i want to establish some positive habits of mind during this season and commit to rising above. here are the second ten days of the month and what stood out to me on that particular day.

11. a new vegetarian chilli recipe.

12. fresh local mandarins.

13. a mid afternoon nap in a warm bed.

14. new friends and sharing our stories.

15. being a learner who is also a teacher.

16. late afternoon sun on the deck.

17. a healthy, joyful exactly 2.5 year old today!

18. energy at the end of the day to make a smashing dinner for my family.

19. a fun school event and lots of cheer.

20. whanau time, food and celebrations together.

what are you grateful for? how does it change your perspective?

:: holding on to the good ::

grateful in june, 2015 pt 1

as part of my one word for this year: r – i -s- e, i have wanted to explore ways to bring a rise in my attitude. how i feel definitely is affected by the seasons and heading into the winter months, i have really noticed it. so this june, i have wanted to focus on being grateful…

one of my favourite blogs is today’s letters and this quote used on regular posts – {here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough}- is so very true!

i want to establish some positive habits of mind during this season and commit to rising above. here are the first ten days of the month and what stood out to me on that particular day.

1. a long weekend to recuperate.

2. a visit to our new house.

3. hot milo on a blustery day.

4. my rip curl hoodie to keep me warm.

5. some alone time to recover from sickness.

6. my mum’s support.

7. a fire to warm the heart.

8. my boy’s determination.

9. a message from my sister friend.

10. free local firewood.

what are you grateful for this week? what habits of mind help you through the winter months?

:: holding on to the good ::

Rise ::2::

have you ever experienced the rain pouring down below you? seeing the showers passing under foot, as you stand above warm and dry…

i have! it was very surreal looking down as the rain fell to earth. the shortest day in the year 2008, the day we climbed up our maunga {mt manaia} and came down engaged…
i share this story as I believe it gives a picture of what it feels like to rise above the raw and rough places we face, when we need some perspective out of the onslaught of the rainy season we might be facing.

when we made the journey up this mountain, it was a strenuous climb and hubby set a fast pace. we arrived on the platform ready for a break. it was a moment to look around at where we had come from, enjoy the breeze and re-energise, take stock of our surrounds.

if we stay down underneath, we can miss the perspective we get when we rise above. rising above the situation means we can find a different viewpoint and look at the specifics more clearly. not feeling the effect of the rain, we can appreciate what’s it like to be there.

recently, hubby and i have had a couple of disappointments but together we have tried to focus on the bigger picture. When you rise, you see the fullness of the journey you are on; taking courage of where you have come from and what might be ahead. it makes more sense when your circumstances don’t.

by francis frangipane
how do you rise? 
take a time out and make some space to think and breathe.
seek out people to encourage you in your journey.
talk to someone who has been there and come through it.
write out your cares and worries. then change them to positive affirmations or promises you can hold to.
be grateful. no matter the situations there are always things that you can be grateful for.
i hope this has encouraged you somehow today. it’s certainly helped me to think about it too.

:: holding on to the good ::

rise ::1::

how does it look to rise up? what could i say has changed when it comes to the word i chose here?

i am sharing some thoughts on the word i chose for the 2015 year…

i realise it doesn’t have to be spectacular, it doesn’t have to have a boom and a bang. but all it needs is consistent attention and acceptance.

and courage.

i am choosing to accept who i am, instead of who {i think} others want me to be. and rise, even if it’s slow and steady… i am rising.

i think research shows {but don’t quote me here!} that when any new endeavour is started it is best to start slowly and carefully, to make small significant changes in a way that will assimilate into everyday life. to not hop on and then subsequently fall off the {bandwagon}. i am a classic for going full steam until i lose steam. 
so that’s what i have been mulling over first, as i commit to {rising}. i want to do it in a way that it’s not another thing to put effort into, more an attitude – a choice.
how do you start something new? Full steam or slow and steady?
:: holding on to the good ::

A little-big word

How has your new year started? I am loving this year so far and I hope you are too!

For me, 2013 has started off with a bang, especially with the realization that I have lots to learn about being a mum and knowing I will be holding on as our next adventure unfolds. 

I see 2013 as an exciting year of new experiences and growth for us as a family but especially myself personally. 
I want to share an important word for me this year. Instead of making new year resolutions, I choose a word for my year as many others do. 

My word this year is empower. 

 ‘ To invest with power, to equip or supply with an ability; enable ‘ 

I want this little-big word to encompass my thoughts and actions on many levels. I don’t want to just empower myself by own actions this year, my desire is to be empowered by my Lord and King. To seek his face earnestly and to come into a new confidence through new revelations. 

Being a family of three, is so special right now. I also want to empower my hubby to be the best leader and father he can be. I want to hold to our vows in new and fresh way.  

Lastly, my job is very people-orientated and I want this little-big word to permeate into my working life as well. I want to be a person of influence in a new and unique way ~ I don’t know what this is yet but I feel it bubbling up inside me; to develop a new way of supporting people around me. I love to encourage and equip people to be successful and I want to empower people to reach new levels in themselves. This truly excites me!  

Thanks for tuning in here and I pray that 2013 is a year that opens new opportunities and joy to you.