bethany: seven months!

our little girl, you are full of giggles but have a serious side coming out too. i love your drive and the chilled out way you wake up and just chat to yourself or practise your ‘exercises’! you are more than halfway through your first year and you are such a big girl going to daycare three days a week and taking it like a champ. just remember you don’t need to grow up too quickly… IMG_2206 Continue reading “bethany: seven months!”

bethany: four months!

bethany, at four months you…

*have started to laugh and it just melts my heart
*love your hands and fingers, always in your mouth and you try to put them in when you are nursing too
*love your daddy and have special times with him now
*still love the change table; kicking and grabbing your legs
*are our bubba, wubba, chubba
*look for, smile and coo at your big brother
*sleep through the night, EVERY night
*very relaxed and like to be with people
*likes grabbing daddy’s beard
*look up at me and try to get my attention
*watch the dogs and like to see them
*are our little grunter
*like to squeal with glee
*obsessed with sitting
*stand up on our laps while supported and like to jump
*have definitely started teething, with lots of dribbling
*are a smilie girl and have started a one-sided smile when you are not sure of something or someone
*are n-e-a-r-l-y rolling over, with your legs and hips but not yet your arms
*love your pink elephant toy, and new christmas presents that are funny and have cool noises
*can bounce yourself on the bouncer!
*hardly cry and in the mornings, just enjoy looking at your mobile and laugh and wait for us to come and get you
*fall asleep quickly in the car, which makes you an awesome little person to travel with
*are very attentive and love anything patterned especially black and white
*watch tv!
*happy being on mummy’s lap especially
our beautiful girl,
you are such a joy to be with and we love you so much. you are so relaxed and enjoy being with us all. i know that when you were born, i was not just given a daughter for life but also a friend. your eyes are bright and joyful and i can see the unique personality coming through as you continue to grow. it is such a blessing to be your mama.
you are my most favourite girl in all the world x

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bethany: one month!

bethany at one month

has put on weight for every weigh in
is a little grunter
has a strong neck and likes to look around
gives smiles easily (especially to her meema)
the longest sleep so far is 6 hours!
loves her big brother, looks around and smiles at isaiah
likes to go in her capsule and falls asleep in the car easily
loves her hands and not to be swaddled
enjoys her bath time, kicking her feet in the water


what a month it has been! so many precious moments. we were so anxious to meet you and once you were forced out (mummy’s waters were broken) you came quickly. you have impressed everyone with your attentive nature and gorgeousness. we love you more than words our girl.


in my mother’s eyes

i heard a song today, a song my friend shared for mothers everywhere and it moved me to tears… such a beautiful song that captures how i feel about my mum…

so many moments, phone calls of encouragement, coming to my music concerts growing up, reminding me of who i was when i really had lost it, pointing out the important things, building my faith, thinking through tricky scenarios, prayer walks along the beach, our memorable trip to taranaki and that goat, giving me away to be married… so many countless moments.

we were a team, when i needed her most she has always spoken into my life and given me reassurance, sometimes thinking i am crazy but giving me confidence any way.

like the song says her hope she gives to me.

please listen, it’s a goodie…

i love you with all my heart mum.

my one word 2016

each new year i adopt a word that i want to encompass for the up coming year. it’s a word that seems to gravitate towards my thought life and one that i look to develop through my attitude, actions and faith journey…


vb – thrives, thriving, thrived, throve, thrived or thriven
1. to grow strongly and vigorously
2. to do well; prosper

i feel like my goal is to bring life into the situations i face. to see the positive and aim to sew seeds of hope and support to loving life in the now. it’s building on what took place last year, focusing on being grateful and rising up from some dark places.

ones from previous years:

‘move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up’
‘to return to consciousness or life : become active or flourishing again’
‘to invest with power, to equip or supply with an ability; enable’

do you have a chosen word or theme for the year ahead? i’d love to hear your goals, dreams or words  for this year… 
:: holding on to the good ::

christmas 2015

sharing belated memories of our christmas time together, the lead up and the couple of days of celebration was so fun with a three year old who understood all about father christmas and presents!

it was a memorable christmas celebration with time at the hubbards and a gathering of my family at our abode on boxing day.

the cousins together, isaiah calling jed ‘eddy’ and my sister friend melissa visiting from korea were a few great things thrown into the mix!

we loved hosting and sharing our favourite spot, enjoying our bbq on the grass (which will soon be an extended deck area) and enjoying the breeze under our big tree.

lots of fun memories to hold of our first christmas celebrations in kerikeri.

:: holding on to the good :: 

52/52 the finale

so here is the last instalment of this project. i’m going to have a break next year and pick it up 2017… thanks for joining in along the way!

a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.

isaiah: enjoying shirley hughes’ story collection with ma, engrossed in the story.
shot on a canon 450d with tamron 18-200mm lens

:: holding on to the good :: 

we have a 3 boy!

we adventured to kawakawa for isaiah’s third birthday celebration, riding the train and having a celebration at the park…

our boy is cheeky, fun and so interactive right now, he loved being on the train and let’s us know he is three now! he had his ‘jump off’ from his daycare on thursday last week which means he will move onto the 3-5 year old place within the same care provider, this will start in late january.

it’s awesome to see his character really take shape and realise he is so capable in lots of ways. we can have our challenges too and are learning to set strong boundaries and good routines. being consist is the key!

we love you, isaiah kenneth. you make our days so much brighter!

:: holding on to the good :: 

50 and 51/52

lots of celebrations these last two weeks. especially for isaiah who turned 3 (check out my next post about that). one more week and this challenge is complete!

a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.
isaiah: lots of celebrations for your big day, standing with your tree and blowing the candle out with your best bud. 
shot on a canon 450d with tamron 18-200mm lens
:: holding on to the good ::