hi there! thanks for dropping by, i’m clare.

:: the short and sweet of it ::


i am thirty seven
i have been married for 9 years
we welcomed our son, isaiah in december, 2012
and our daughter, bethany in september, 2016
i am an eternal optimist
my motto: do your best and leave the rest
my mum = my hero
i am on a journey of mental wealth
expectation is faith
i love to inspire others
i think i’m indecisive but i’m not sure
i’m lightening on a pair of roller-blades
i worry most times but i’m kicking the habit
i had bell’s palsy {bp} in 2000, read my story here
i wish I had learned the piano at school
my clumsiness is often forgivable
i value learning from the past

:: the longer version ::

i am a kiwi, originally from bream bay, new zealand. returning to our home land in late 2014 after living in south korea for four years working at an international school there. we are now in the bay of islands area, and loving it!

a believer, wife & mama, daughter, sister, educator, friend.

i love words, i love people.

i am married to mark. a fun-loving, ocean-craving soul. time flies when you are living life with your best friend, who is always making me laugh!

isaiah, our preschooler, loves animals and being outside exploring. currently really into the lion guard and running as fast as he possibly can!

gracious goodness is a space for me to share my thoughts on family life, mental wealth, motherhood and life in new zealand. i hope we can connect!

thanks so much for visiting, let’s be friends…

:: holding onto the good ::

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  1. You are so beautiful Clare. So glad to finally have your blog address! Look forward to following your adventure – hope your trip to Nepal goes really well! Thanks for saying hi on my page 🙂 xx


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