we ventured to ti bay in paihia and gathered with friends and family to celebrate our boy’s big milestone – FIVE! i knew it would be one to remember and a big deal for us. and it was. the beach was our best idea yet, the gazebo a must with the showers that came through at opportune times. fish and chips, a piñata and a short lived sandcastle creating session all spread out amongst jumping the waves and running the length of the beach with your best mates… it really did suit our boy to have celebrations there.

isaiah is ready, ready for the big adventure of ‘organised schooling’, being in a class, exploring loads of things about himself, others and the world around him. as a learner i hope for resilience and the passion that comes from learning new, amazing things. our plan is for him to be at the same school where hubby will be teaching in the senior class.

focused, energetic, exploring and loving. isaiah we celebrate you! happy birthday, it’s going to be an epic year!

:: holding on to the good ::


* thanks to uncle chris (stump vision) for lots of the great captures on the day x

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