i watched this and it made my eyes spill over because i felt the reassurance and justification full force. i felt vindicated as my husband sat beside me and squeezed my hand. if you haven’t seen this, it is the 60 minutes episode; {a mother’s anguish}. it breaks open the understanding of post natal depression and how new zealand mothers are getting help.

keeping it altogether, bombarded with vicious thoughts, and weeping at any nudge of imperfection. i so wish i had an opportunity to share more with those around me that i could trust.
i have had this sitting in my drafts for more than 2 years. it’s amazing to think that i have been walking through this journey for all that time and more. still working it out and learning to talk about it. i never thought that it would happen again for me when i had our girl but it did. if you are working through this journey, i would love you to reach out and connect. no one is alone in this and no one has to be.
:: holding on to the good ::

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