i have gotten back to growing a garden and enjoying tending to it; seeing it produce flowers and fruit.

my little helpers love to check out the growth too, especially the strawberries – their favourite. i have noticed isaiah eating more veges at dinner time because of how we are tending to them everyday. it takes me back to memories of eating fresh peas in our huge garden on the farm and wanting to do this with isaiah and bethany this summer.
i have been reflecting on how being outside in the garden is good for mental wealth as well. it really has brought me out into the freshness of new things and anticipation of seeing the fruits of my labour. i don’t actually do it for the fruit and veges, it is just so satisfying to tend and watch and wonder as the plants grow and establish. i actually haven’t eaten one strawberry yet! i love seeing my kids enjoying them, the juice running down their chins and then earnest searches for others that are ready to pick…
Don’t worry the watermelon goes in tomorrow, there will be plenty of other things to enjoy.
::holding on to the good::

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