sharing some highlights of the last couple of months. with the weather warming up we have been out and about more, enjoying the sunny days and our beautiful surroundings up here.

for father’s day we gave hubby a para-gliding trip in paihia. it was so funny to realise how high he actually went up into the air -something like 300m! we went over to russell on a ferry to get a better view of his mini-adventure. all photos above are from his view from the sky.

our brave boy had dental surgery last month (sad sad mum face), it was a big process and one that we all would not want to go through again. it so good to see him feeling better and recovering quickly. food pic from the gecko cafe, kaitaia – a stunning little cafe to visit if you are ever up that way.

bethany is such a little character and absolutely obsessed with being outside. isaiah chose some yellow boots for her and she is often found helping me in the garden or trying something fun like jumping on the trampoline or having her own adventures on the patio.

our term 3 holiday involved a lot of work on our property and hubby built me an amazing garden which is being improved every week. lots of anticipation for fresh, delicious veges this summer.


so grateful for beautiful days outside with family and the anticipation of good things to come.

:: holding on to the good ::

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