DSC02954gathering our family together to celebrate our daughter’s first year milestone was surreal and exciting. we knew that for the theme we had to choose ‘twinkle, little star’ as this song has always comforted bethany and she loves to listen to it being sung on repeat!

the day was a true spring day; a mix of showers and full sun. and we made the most of it with the kids still getting outside to jump on the tramp at the start of the party.

i am so thankful for the love and support of our family. it is said that, a village raises a child and it is very true. many others were not there but we acknowledge the care and encouragement they shared during our first year with our precious girl.

her birthday was special as she was dedicated, led by her granddad and we planted her whenua tree; a beautiful kōwhai tree that flowers in late winter, early spring.

bethany is an articulate, cheeky and loving one year old. she is so energetic – always on the go! she loves to dance, climbs everything and is quick to get through any door to explore outside, even on her own. she has a rapport with all her immediate family, following her brother around, and standing up for herself a lot! she wants to be amongst it all and loves her teachers and friends at daycare. you are such a blessing to us, noy – we love you. happy birthday sweetie bobeetie!

DSC04833all photos by jed yuhayco; with many thanks

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