bethany, you are blossoming and are such a blessing to our family. at eight months you…
are crawling like a machine
are on knees holding on to the couch
are up and down sleeping, making mama very tired
have 2 teeth at present
mimic sounds and some times chat
stand at the first stair, change that, CLIMBING stairs now!
had your first real bout of illness, high temperatures and loss of appetite
have some infant eczema but are getting better now as we have cut out certain things in your diet
prefer to sleep on your tummy
have had to have your cot lowered to the base level because you can stand and grab things now
are a very quick crawler
love, love, love bathie time
gun for the hallway door if it is open and will stand at the bath and get really excited
have a fascination with tarla (our dog) but are still a little afraid of her
love your daycare carers and they say you are a ‘perfect child’ for them
sleep more at daycare than at home!
love your daddy and grabbing his beard
adore your big brother and always follow him around
love feeding yourself, prefer it that way but just need more teeth now!
are continually practising and exercising to stand and walk, you are determined our girl!
are reserved around people you don’t know well
have a serious face and first want to observe and understand people and any environment
you are mama’s mini-me
and we love you beyond words our possum x

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