our little girl, you are full of giggles but have a serious side coming out too. i love your drive and the chilled out way you wake up and just chat to yourself or practise your ‘exercises’! you are more than halfway through your first year and you are such a big girl going to daycare three days a week and taking it like a champ. just remember you don’t need to grow up too quickly… 

bethany, at seven months you…

* are so expressive with your feet, moving and shaping them in all different ways!
* are sitting up by yourself and like to lean back on your boppy pillow if you get tired
* are very expressive, letting us know when you don’t like something or want something we have!
* have shown a little wave to your teacher at your daycare
* have cut your first tooth and are working on your next one I think
* not so keen to get changed and have your arms put through clothes
* are always cheered up by the ‘Immunise on Time’ magnet card on the fridge, so funny
* learning to respond to ‘peekaboo’
* seem to prefer savoury over sweet food at the moment
* sleep well at night but can be on and off with naps during the day
* are developing a special bond with your Mema, getting into a good rhythm on days you are together
* are getting used to the dogs and enjoy ‘patting’ Tarla
* had your first big road trip holiday down to Whakatane, a couple of weeks ago
* have had to overcome some skin irritations this month and we are trying to figure out what is causing them
* are dribbling like crazy at the moment!
* can sometimes just want mama and some quiet time
* sit at the table with us now in your highchair seat
* roll onto your tummy and back and are now planking and on your hands and knees trying to move forward, but do get hoha (frustrated) with it!
* want to grab lots of things and when we hold you, you lean forward and aim for whatever we haveIMG_2225_picmonkeyedIMG_2287FullSizeRender


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