bethany, at four months you…

*have started to laugh and it just melts my heart
*love your hands and fingers, always in your mouth and you try to put them in when you are nursing too
*love your daddy and have special times with him now
*still love the change table; kicking and grabbing your legs
*are our bubba, wubba, chubba
*look for, smile and coo at your big brother
*sleep through the night, EVERY night
*very relaxed and like to be with people
*likes grabbing daddy’s beard
*look up at me and try to get my attention
*watch the dogs and like to see them
*are our little grunter
*like to squeal with glee
*obsessed with sitting
*stand up on our laps while supported and like to jump
*have definitely started teething, with lots of dribbling
*are a smilie girl and have started a one-sided smile when you are not sure of something or someone
*are n-e-a-r-l-y rolling over, with your legs and hips but not yet your arms
*love your pink elephant toy, and new christmas presents that are funny and have cool noises
*can bounce yourself on the bouncer!
*hardly cry and in the mornings, just enjoy looking at your mobile and laugh and wait for us to come and get you
*fall asleep quickly in the car, which makes you an awesome little person to travel with
*are very attentive and love anything patterned especially black and white
*watch tv!
*happy being on mummy’s lap especially
our beautiful girl,
you are such a joy to be with and we love you so much. you are so relaxed and enjoy being with us all. i know that when you were born, i was not just given a daughter for life but also a friend. your eyes are bright and joyful and i can see the unique personality coming through as you continue to grow. it is such a blessing to be your mama.
you are my most favourite girl in all the world x

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