for the past three years i have a pre-planned break from facebook around oct/nov. here i share why i do this and what it does for me…

it’s that time of year. when i step back and get things back into perspective. it really clarifies things for me and i wanted to share why i take a break from facebook every year. 
5 reasons why i take a fb break every year:

  1. facebook is not real life. having a break is an important reminder of that. facebook can be pre-organised and squeed towards what is believed to be your interests and motivations. what is on your news feed outside of your friend’s posts is getting more and more manipulated and needs to be put in it’s place. 
  2. the increased un-inclusive and judgemental content. having a break makes me more aware of what i am letting in, what i am reading and involved in. without realising we can absorb online feuds, reading into what others post and like.
  3. the amount of time that is wasted. facebook can eat away personal time without even realising it. when you take a break, you suddenly realise this which is an valuable reminder that it is not as important as the priorities or responsibilities you hold. 
  4. when comparison creeps in. the saying that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ cannot be more emphasised through social media. when i entertain those thoughts of comparison, it can develop negative impacts on my everyday life without even realising it. taking a break helps to establish a discerning lens to protect myself from that. 
  5. timing for just before the ‘silly’ season. december is super crazy-busy for our family, 4 birthdays/our wedding anniversary/christmas/boxing day bbq/new years all within 3 weeks! having a break from fb at this time helps me prepare to enjoy rather endure this special time of year for us.
don’t get me wrong, i am definitely not against facebook. i use it to connect with my friends and family all around the world, to share content from this blog and post what’s happening in life. taking a break reminds me to put it in it’s place and not let it take more emphasis than it should. 
so, do you take social media breaks? how do you keep the balance with social media? i would to hear your thoughts… 
:: holding on to the good ::

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