it has been exactly a year since isaiah and i returned to nz (to the day). without sounding too cliche this year has been a mammoth one…

standing on this side of it and looking back is such a great feeling – i have not dreaded this, but when you transition from living abroad to moving back to your home country, there are lots of challenges and heights to climb you never thought of or expected.

the strongest thing for me is the links back to forever friends and memories that i still hold close to my heart. i think without realising, i thought it would just be back to what it was like before we left. but it definitely isn’t, it can never be and i wouldn’t want it to. i am richer for the times away and richer for the year that has gone; adjusting, putting down roots and realising what is our new normal.

a full time job has started for me this term also (well two roles which are full time!); investing in the adults of the future, developing a school culture to be proud of. we have plans for family time and visitors in the summer, lots of new jobs to be done around our new place and a boat to take out on the water. here’s looking to the next year and all it brings.

it’s never a dull moment around here!

:: holding on to the good ::

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