ten things from my head; new adventures, things that have moved me recently and some winter reflections…

1. i have strawberry plants to sow this weekend, bring on harvest day…
2. check out lisa, a real, raw and inspiring kiwi blogger at allinthedaze – she rocks!
3. on wednesday i posted to instagram after two weeks. something made me want a break and i am glad i did.
4. i am returning as a homeroom teacher for the remainder of the year as well as continuing my curriculum coordinator role. i am excited but am also wondering how things will change (including my love of writing here).

5. the clutter war is real in our new house. i just continue to wonder how i can find places for everything! i want to declutter so bad and it’s going to happen soon.
6. i was extremely moved by this video. it is emotional and haunting. i encourage you to watch, to share and talk with someone close.
7. since late january i have adopted a pescatarian diet. i feel so much better for the change and don’t miss meat one bit!
8. when visiting family in whangarei last weekend, hubby and i visited the local mart for kimchi and kim. we are happy chappies once again!
9. the last two days have been up to 18degrees here in the bay of islands – SO amazing but classic timing with holidays finishing up after the weekend…
10. it is coming up to 1 year since we returned to nz. it feels like it has gone so fast and extremely slow at the same time. it has been a year of change and new growth to which i am forever grateful.

how are things for you? Anything new?

:: holding on to the good ::

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