the third and final installment of my list of gratitudes for the month of june. i am so thankful to look back and see the blessings embedded in everyday… 

21. remembering seven years ago, i went up a mountain and came down engaged to my love!

22. collaborating with a positive and committed team.

23. realising the peace that comes from living in our home.

24. five year olds and their infectious energy.

25. keeping positive and pushing through   

26. surviving the week, seriously grateful!

27. a sleep-in!

28. funs times kicking a ball around with my boys.

29. discussing my passion for lifelong learning.

30. a new venture and adventure approaching.

31. making leek and potato soup for the first time, delish!

june, what a manic month you were! it really helped me appreciate the small accomplishments and experiences along the way. thanks a bunch!

can you believe it is july is already?

:: holding on to the good ::

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