this week has surely been a rollercoaster of emotion. it’s been full on and i kindof forgot to find gratitude for a couple of days but i am back on track now. it really does matter in amongst the dark and cold and grey. yes, that’s it…

i want to establish some positive habits of mind during this season and commit to rising above. here are the second ten days of the month and what stood out to me on that particular day.

11. a new vegetarian chilli recipe.

12. fresh local mandarins.

13. a mid afternoon nap in a warm bed.

14. new friends and sharing our stories.

15. being a learner who is also a teacher.

16. late afternoon sun on the deck.

17. a healthy, joyful exactly 2.5 year old today!

18. energy at the end of the day to make a smashing dinner for my family.

19. a fun school event and lots of cheer.

20. whanau time, food and celebrations together.

what are you grateful for? how does it change your perspective?

:: holding on to the good ::

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