as part of my one word for this year: r – i -s- e, i have wanted to explore ways to bring a rise in my attitude. how i feel definitely is affected by the seasons and heading into the winter months, i have really noticed it. so this june, i have wanted to focus on being grateful…

one of my favourite blogs is today’s letters and this quote used on regular posts – {here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough}- is so very true!

i want to establish some positive habits of mind during this season and commit to rising above. here are the first ten days of the month and what stood out to me on that particular day.

1. a long weekend to recuperate.

2. a visit to our new house.

3. hot milo on a blustery day.

4. my rip curl hoodie to keep me warm.

5. some alone time to recover from sickness.

6. my mum’s support.

7. a fire to warm the heart.

8. my boy’s determination.

9. a message from my sister friend.

10. free local firewood.

what are you grateful for this week? what habits of mind help you through the winter months?

:: holding on to the good ::

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