this is the beginning of the third {yes, number three} week we have been battling sickness in our family. i am sharing some thoughts on that and a new place to call home…

we haven’t had to face it like this ever before, where all members of the family are dealing with sickness at the same time with the whirling of life twisting around us; it’s a bit exhausting, overwhelming and plain frustrating. especially through the move to our new house.

i am at home with our little boy who is recuperating from a chesty cough, sitting on our sofa and enjoying the warmth of the fire. the sun is streaming through the large windows of our new house and things are starting to settle. 
it feels so good to just finally be here in this moment {minus the sickness of course}. i am just so very grateful for where we are right now. an opportunity to settle, and sort and take stock of where we are and where we are heading. 
that feels pretty darn awesome. 

we are coming up with a ‘to do’ list for the house, summer projects and in the future plans. we can see potential and promise here. 

i feel a glimpse of the future without dread or fear; a new feeling after some years of not being able to see past the 24 hours in front of me. 
i’ll be back soon to share more on my mental wealth journey and finding the grace and goodness that is found in everyday life. 
:: holding on to the good ::

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