motherhood defines you. if you are a mother, you hold on to that moment {and the moments} that changed your identity and your destiny so close because suddenly your heart is moving and living outside of you. it’s an incredibly humbling and raw journey to be on.

mum’s you rock!

today was a beauty day of sleep ins, snuggles with my boys and then breakfast. our church celebrated mother’s day in such a honouring and fun way. we then had a picnic by the river and fed the ducks. you can see isaiah’s confidence grow through the pictures, such an example of my little boy’s character. i am so incredibly proud of who he is becoming.

hubby spoiled me with gifts and doing special jobs to make me relax and refresh. thank you so much for a great day today.

some days i question whether i can actually do it! but i’ve realised that’s an aspect of the journey, always wanting to do your best and sometimes letting your best be enough… it’s the rawness all mother’s will understand.

love to the mama’s; the strong ones, the needy ones, the silent ones, the grieving, and waiting-to-be mamas, the mamas who choose to play that part for others, to the never-forgotten mamas, the mamas we can take for granted. you rock!

:: holding on to the good ::

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