we all have obstacles; the rain falls on the just and unjust.

i’m sharing about one of mine and the realisation we are created for connection…

the dream killer,
a corrupt counsellor;
warping perceptions,
building chasms

gaining power,
rushing to suffocate;
a false confidante,
shattering prospects


isolation is something that seems appealing when you are stressed and pressured, needing a break from {everything}.

we can become isolated through weariness, busyness, offence, sickness and shame. it’s an overwhelming sensation to want to disappear and not want to face anyone. looking back, i felt like i had no words, i couldn’t put it together and felt like nobody would understand. isolation echoes the lies you are listening to and smothers your fortitude.

you give in to the temptation of what you think is safe but it can ultimately end with the awful feeling of estrangement.

once that sets in, it’s harder to break free of it… and what happens is it creeps up on you. it ends with the strong realisation that you really do long for connection and that you have pushed everyone away, digging yourself deeper into the chasm you’ve jumped into.

the ultimate truth is we are created for connection. and to be known and accepted. we really need others to support and encourage our personal journeys. we need to combine ideas and hear others’  stories.

reaching out, inviting people back in is what brings healing. that old saying rings true {a problem shared, is a problem halved} it’s just not good to hold the heavy things in our hearts by ourselves. to reach out is gutsy, and crucial.

so please reach out. and keep taking up the offer of extended hands it really is the best thing for each of us.

:: holding on to the good ::

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