our family gathered in a local park to celebrate easter and spend time together. the cousins running freely, sharing hugs and cheeky laughs. it was a memorable time…

family together is all i wanted this weekend. these photos share moments of love. it’s said by many that children spell love T-I-M-E and when we’re spread out and busy busy, these moments matter and i am thankful and grateful for this time together.

this easter egg hunt was isaiah’s first and so entertaining! the uncles hid the rewards through a little forest of mair pack {where we had his first birthday!} and with little buckets they gathered their eggs.

it certainly feels like an endless summer and long may it last! what these photos do not capture is special times in ruakaka with the hubbard family and dinners and visiting with friends. the weekend was a wonderful time to remember what i’m most grateful for. 

including time with my family, for me, easter is about atonement and sacrificial love. an only son who gave his life because God so loved the world. the greatest gift for ever and ever.

how was your easter?!
:: holding on to the good ::

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