have you ever experienced the rain pouring down below you? seeing the showers passing under foot, as you stand above warm and dry…

i have! it was very surreal looking down as the rain fell to earth. the shortest day in the year 2008, the day we climbed up our maunga {mt manaia} and came down engaged…
i share this story as I believe it gives a picture of what it feels like to rise above the raw and rough places we face, when we need some perspective out of the onslaught of the rainy season we might be facing.

when we made the journey up this mountain, it was a strenuous climb and hubby set a fast pace. we arrived on the platform ready for a break. it was a moment to look around at where we had come from, enjoy the breeze and re-energise, take stock of our surrounds.

if we stay down underneath, we can miss the perspective we get when we rise above. rising above the situation means we can find a different viewpoint and look at the specifics more clearly. not feeling the effect of the rain, we can appreciate what’s it like to be there.

recently, hubby and i have had a couple of disappointments but together we have tried to focus on the bigger picture. When you rise, you see the fullness of the journey you are on; taking courage of where you have come from and what might be ahead. it makes more sense when your circumstances don’t.

by francis frangipane
how do you rise? 
take a time out and make some space to think and breathe.
seek out people to encourage you in your journey.
talk to someone who has been there and come through it.
write out your cares and worries. then change them to positive affirmations or promises you can hold to.
be grateful. no matter the situations there are always things that you can be grateful for.
i hope this has encouraged you somehow today. it’s certainly helped me to think about it too.

:: holding on to the good ::

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