i have always described myself as a chameleon with the ability to adapt to my environment. mixing a little wild with the quiet; that’s me.

have you heard the term ambivert before? {as in intro-vert and extra-vert, now ambi-vert!}… well, something tells me if you have the same tendencies as me you might be interested…

i came across this article which opened my eyes and confirmed my ideas of living a {chameleon life}, it just make perfect sense for me!

an ambivert is part intro/extravert and all about balance. i love to be busy and around others but also need my {me time}, even more so since becoming a mama. it recharges me. i have thoughts about wanting my life to be more balanced, more peaceful and i think that is the uncomfortable element that takes place in an ambiverts life…

adjusting to those around you is an easy adaptation to life but can feel a bit overwhelming if your introverted side is not taken care of. ambiverts can have the ability to gauge the temperament of the people around them as they contain both introvert and extravert tendencies. this is why we can be chameleon like. also balancing out a group, if there are too many loud ones, you can bring the calm. but if it’s too passive or frustratingly awkward, you can talk til the cows come home {I constantly do this when i am nervous}!

being in the middle can feel like we want to do everything and nothing, simultaneously. i’d have to say we’re a little {figuratively} messy, find it hard to make a decision sometimes most of the time. wanting to be useful and useless at the same time.

trickiness is if you are preparing for a social outing and you want to be all on you own… who’s with me on that wrestling feeling? your introverted inner voice keeps you guarded but the extravert side saying {don’t miss this moment!}.

to finish, an ambiverts life is full of equilibrium and connection. we often keep the balance and like to fit in wherever possible.

so, are you an ambivert too? or is this all a figment of my imagination?
:: holding on to the good ::

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