a regular post sharing some key words that make up the month and what it means to me… i want to look back on each year, and have a whole glossary of words that represent the seasons and journeys i have faced.

{ matauri }
we had the amazing opportunity to stay in the matauri bay area for 10 days, a generous act from a colleague to explore the bay and te ngaere bay. a beautiful part of our country and so remote. 

{ fejoas }
march starts the fejoa season in nz {having missed it for the last five years} and they are amazing. we have had students bringing them for us to school and we also have trees laden with the green gems there too! delish.

{ fishing }
it was so much fun to be a part of the whangaroa ladies fishing competition this month. my first time marlin fishing and we hooked two but they jumped off! we saw dolphins, a sun fish and made lots of fantastic memories with these great ladies. more to come i am sure!

{ pam }
a level five cyclone heading along the outskirts of the east coast after battering vanuatu ended up being heavy winds and rain. we were well prepared but didn’t need to follow the plans as it passed without too much effect in our area.

how has the month of march been for you?

:: holding on to the good ::

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