i have suddenly become very aware of a theme that appears in my thoughts recently. this is our third week living in a new place, surrounded by beautiful coastline and new places to explore. i don’t have anything to complain about. at all but what i have noticed is the need for peace…

lots of changes and readjustments make me aware that sometimes the peace i feel is mostly when it’s quiet and i am by myself. but that’s quite rare at the moment! 
i realise that peace can be something that you carry with you. peace is something that can transcend your understanding in that very moment. peace is a choice. 
peaceful moments recharge me. they give me time to be calm and aware of what is going on and my responses to them. it also links to my personality too. 
so because of this need, i am starting to think through some strategies that i can use to keep calm and find peace; no matter the situation. 
here are some thoughts:
  • find a place that calms me. our new deck is one place that is relaxing, overlooking the water and you can here lots of wildlife. 
  • minimalise stuff. stuff stresses me out majorly so we are working on refining what are things we really need and what we can let go, which is helping a lot. 
  • concentrate on my breathing. i breathe heavily when i am stressed, so being mindful of that and listening to my breathing helps to know when i need a moment to rest.
  • choose to see the positives, acknowledge the journey. so often i want to skip the hard parts and bathe in the peace that comes in the quiet times. but like i said it’s a choice despite the circumstances. 
so there are my ideas, i am definitely not there yet but i am working on it. 
i would love to hear your thoughts on this… are you a peace seeker too? how do you find peace in the day to day?
:: holding on to the good ::

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