it’s said a fair bit around here {but especially in the summer season}, we live in a beautiful country and i can definitely vouch for that. especially after finding ourselves on the outskirts of the bay of islands and so close to the water after many years away. 
the great outdoors really grounds me and gives humble perspective on the blessings we all have, the grace we are offered so freely. i am so thankful for that… 

isaiah has suddenly started asking to go to the water and has swam nearly every day since being here. he is more than ever an outdoor boy and couldn’t be happier. we are recovering from our epic mission up and remembering that change takes time to adjust.

we now look towards the start of the school year, isaiah starting at a new early learning centre, meeting new friends and catching moments like these.

what is it that you love about your surrounds?

:: holding on to the good ::

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