a regular post sharing some key words that make up the month and what it means to me… i want to look back on each year, and have a whole glossary of words that represent the seasons and journeys i have faced.

{ oh no! }
isaiah is coming up with all sorts of new words these days, this week he’s been using the phrase {oh no!} a lot! he finds it really funny… along with {naughty mama, dadda etc} and others that are said at certain times… like leaving the house {where going?}. I love this age!

{ manual }
ive wanted to practise my photography skills ever since getting my canon 450d but always used the excuse of not having the time. but now i am determined to get back to what i loved at school. 
{ downsizing }
shock horror we have to purge lots of our belongings for our move to kerikeri. things that we didn’t even know we had packed away for almost five years! Its a great feeling being lighter and only relieves the stress of {stuff}.  Have you purged your {stuff} before?

{ pesto }
i have successfully grown basil! after learning that this herb loves the sun, i have tended to it, whispered sweet nothings and been rewarded with multitudes of leaves which i have made into yummy pesto for salads and pasta. my family love it and me too!

how’s life where you are?

:: holding on to the good ::

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