someone made the comment that this year we had a three day celebration for christmas – which was totally true!

with all the family we have around us, a {jesus’ birthday weekend} event was celebrated and was way better than any {queen’s birthday weekend}! as we have always been flying in and out pretty quickly over the christmas period for the last four years it was a stretched out occasion and one not to forget.

it was a great time and i wanted to share some snapshots here with you all.

christmas eve at the hubbard household

there is always a bit of fun to be had together and this year was no exception, except for the fact isaiah was not sure about the wigs and hats – or even the present unwrapping process – but he got there in the end and it was a fun day altogether {nearly! just the melbourne hubbard contingent were not here this year as a new babe arrives in late january!}

christmas day at home and then on to the stanbridge/cogle family gathering in whangarei

 have the little ones join in now is so fun, having fun running around the lawn and blowing bubbles. we missed nate, who is in aussie, this year so hopefully it will be a full house for 2015. the food was amazing and lasted all day!

and lastly we had a boxing day bbq at ours to finish off the festivities

isaiah got to try out his christmas pressie from us, a paddling pool with slide and was finally coaxed in by his daddy. i also tried something too, my very first pavalova and got the approval from my mum and gran who are clever in the kitchen.

it was a fun few days!

i hope your christmas celebrations were everything you hoped they would be.

:: holding on to the good ::

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