for the last two years i have wanted to join in with the 52 project but thought to wait until my son was a little older {and i also forgot last year!}.

and what better opportunity than returning from our camping holiday?

so i am posting my first one (feeling a bit like a person who is sprinting to catch up to my friends who are already ahead on the walk – are you someone like that too? – but i am joining all the same}

a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.
isaiah: visiting the bulls over the fence at our place in the far north, a family holiday spot. he had to visit every morning and say good night before bed too.
part of the motivation for this project is for me to re-learn some photography skills along the way. i loved my photography classes at high school – developing them in the dark room – but i have found myself a {point and shoot} type of person. it will be a fun, creative way of challenging myself again. 
joining in with jodi.

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