i inadvertently picked up a hitchhiker the other week and it made my whole day.

driving home from town and isaiah had fallen asleep in his carseat, it was hot and stuffy and his head fell forward while i was driving. i needed to correct that before heading around the windy roads that lead us home. i decided to pull in at {lookout hill} an area the overlooks the whangarei harbour and noticed a figure with a guitar with their thumb out on the side of the road. after fixing my son’s position i decided to head back on my way.

the hitch hiker turned to face me as i was leaving the car park, thinking that i had pulled in to offer a ride. i wound down my window and politely shared that i was only going a little further up the road, initially i was a little weary. i haven’t really ever picked up a hitchhiker {as a child, my dad would do it a lot} you know, looking at the outer appearance and not the heart? dark glasses and a dark jacket doesn’t always mean dark intent. she immediately responded with {it would only make my journey down the line shorter, is that alright?} so i agreed and she jumped into the empty space in the back.

the short distance to my turn off from the main highway to our windy road leading home felt so much longer as she shared why she needed a ride down to auckland, the tragic circumstances of her nephew’s death and the tangi {funeral} she had attended. i immediately said my condolences and encouraged her for making the effort to be with her family even though she doesn’t have a driver’s licence. it was my opportunity to listen really, she was happy to fill up the short ride with lots of chat; hitting on some pretty deep topics. it’s funny how certain social situations can thrust you into a scene that you would never have envisaged before the day began.

as i signalled to the safest place to drop her on the side of the main road for her next potential ride, she expressed the sweetest blessing to me.

{i prayed that i would find the kindest hearts to take me on the way, and you have a kind heart girl.} 
those words pushed into my soul and filled me with thanks. i am not at all endorsing or advocating picking up people on the side of the road but the exchange that i experienced can’t be replaced and i encourage you to look for opportunities to give in to the lives around you.

never look at the outward appearance, always look at the heart. 

:: holding on to the good ::

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