isaiah is an animal lover at heart and i couldn’t think of any place better than to visit animals in a quiet location with our family to celebrate with.
serendipity farm park in whangarei, is a tranquil setting for a day trip, escape from the urban hustle or in our case, a 2nd birthday party! 
the day started off clear (as rain was predicted!) and so we prepared the food, packed raincoats and rain boots and traveled a short distance from the centre of town to a whau valley…

loaded with food bags and watching out for birds underfoot we explored the different animals and took as much time or moved on as quickly as needed.

what was wonderful about this place is you can go at your own pace and the staff are friendly and approachable. forgetting a lighter to light the candles of a birthday cake, no problem for them to help out!

 the walkways are well kept tidy, with an array of animals to visit.

what was also great was that we could bring our own party food and set up under the balcony. also ordering coffee and snacks for later on at the nosebag cafe.

it was so wonderful to have the cousins together; having fun interacting with the animals and unwrapping special gifts.

 you can tell what isaiah was into straight away!

so we have a two year old! 

and great memories of our time together celebrating in a unique setting. 
** this is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and words are my own! we just loved the place so wanted to share about it. 
:: holding on to the good ::

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