a regular post sharing some key words that make up the month and what it means to me… i want to look back on each year, and have a whole glossary of words that represent the seasons and journeys i have faced.
{ swap }

i took part in my first christmas swap with a blogger in derby, united kingdom. it was so awesome to send something off and also receive a surprise package in the mail and open it up to reveal wonderful treats and christmas crafts to use throughout the silly season. thank you, melanie!

{ kerikeri }
hubby and i have new positions for next year at a school on the outskirts of kerikeri – 1 and a half hours north of here. i will take up the pyp coordinator role part time and also be release teacher for the school on my other days. hubby will be the yr 6-8 classroom teacher and hod science and technology. it’s going to be an exciting challenge and adventure for next year. we will be close to a private beach and lagoon – pics to come!


{ finn }

we have welcomed a gorgeous new nephew into the family on December 16 – a day before isaiah’s birthday – his very own day in december – a tricky feat in our family for the last month of the year!

{ six }

we celebrated our six year anniversary on december 20. we went out for dinner and watched a movie, a special treat to share together while our son slept at his grandparents.

What word(s) best describe life for you right now?
:: holding on to the good ::

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