happy birthday to our boy!
your birthday this year reminded me very much of the day you were born {grey and drizzly} – i kept thinking about that day and when each significant event happened… it was a day that forever changed your daddy and i.

we visited your tree yesterday, a puriri that is growing strong and flourishing – just like you are!

we call you ‘our cheeky’ and ‘iyah’, you are a major animal lover and enjoy dancing as much as you can. you are starting to find things funny and make your own jokes!

you have many of the animal noises and love to point out ‘moo cows’ and ‘maas’ as we travel along the windy roads of our neighbourhood.

you know your granddad, nana, meema and extended family really well now and get excited when we go to visit Laynee {isaiah’s homebased carer}.

you enjoy being outside a lot and take time to play with tarla {wawaa}, finding the {cheechee’s} birds, you love watching the trucks roll passed our house and watching the wiggles and the mother goose club on the ipad. you are whizz on that you know, you even teach granddad how to use it!

you have become more independent and enjoy playing farms in your room and finding your duckies and hiding them in places for mama to find. you love morning snuggles in bed and a {naanaa} to start the day.
you are starting to say lots of words and sing along to your favourite songs. your deep hearty laugh cheers up the lowest days and you always

we love you, isaiah and are so proud of where you are today and the little person you are developing into!

bring on the terrific twos!

:: holding on to the good:

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