moments captured from a long weekend escape to auckland, 2 hours south of our home town and the largest city in aotearoa. it was so nice to spend time in amongst a bustling city {albeit the traffic was not so enjoyable!} we stayed at my mum’s new house and enjoyed time together exploring some local markets, eating local produce and the beautiful areas out west.

when we returned to nz, my mum {my hero} returned to her roots, west auckland. she had an amazing opportunity to join a social organisation that was just what she had been waiting for but also be closer to my gran. i have always been hugely proud of my mum and the amazingly giving and encouraging person she is. so getting to spend time with her was special.

i love the tranquil view of the child’s swing hanging from a strong, healthy tree. we passed that property to travel down the road to my mum’s home nestled in the waitakare ranges. to me the moment right there is true tranquility. a nice reminder of childhood and the times i used to go and jump on our rope swing down from the house.

isaiah’s language is really coming along at the moment and i chuckle to myself because he refers to {meema} as mum. i think because that’s what i call her. we go through all the names of our immediate families and when I ask {what does meema say?} he always answers {mum!}. he is really bonding with her and was giving her lots of hugs this weekend.

welcome december! i hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are anticipating a great month ahead for our last one of 2014… crazy hey?

:: holding on to the good ::

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