some alphabetical enlightenment for you today – it’s been a busy one for me – teaching in three different rooms and getting to hang out with energetic and spunky kids! i am sharing some little tid-bits to consider… a little pep talk if you will! (which is for me too)

accept differences.
before you leap, look.
consider having a quiet, uninterrupted breakfast each morning (if you can!).
don’t think you are better than others.
enjoy each day.
fix things.
give smiles freely.
harbor forgiveness.
invite unexpected interruptions.
join the loose ends.
kindness is never wasted.
learn to truly love and accept yourself.
make everyone feel like a somebody.
never ignore that quiet voice.
open yourself up to challenges, they refine and polish you.
participate don’t just spectate.
quench the desire for connection and purpose, regularly.
remember the darkest days seasons will end and the sun will rise again.
sabotage can often be our own doing.
the answers you seek are often when the mind is quiet not scrambling.
unaccounted tears are never wasted.
victory in spite of all terror (winston churchill, what a leader).
welcome compliments even if you don’t agree with them.
x out the excuses and learn from your mistakes, they are valuable too. (see what i did there!?)
you don’t always need a plan.
zealously pursue what you are passionate about.

any bloggers/writers/one out there like to join me on this…? it starts of easy and then gets increasingly difficult! v was my last one and my hubby said it had to be victory and we listened to a recording of the bulldog himself; legendary… i think the quote fits well.

:: holding on to the good ::

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