since moving home and working part time, i dubiously began a garden to see if i could at least keep something alive and maybe feed my family healthy stuff. much to my surprise it has brought so much out of me i had lost and i have totally embraced the new found creativity it has brought me.

hubby and i were talking the other night and he said {i think your garden is a picture of you}. it took me back for a minute as i was surprised at such a revelation but in many ways it’s true. i thought to share with you some personal insights on my garden journey and the metaphorical picture it is painting me.

my garden has given me confidence — i began the garden with seedlings from my mother-in-law and some plants brought a long the way, i then grew green beans to seedlings and planted those. now i have doubled the size of my garden and are excited at the possibilities.

i look at the environment and anticipate what is needed. it has linked me to the moment, connects me to the weather and different times of the day when i need to check on progress, fix or maintain something.

it has connected me to my past. my father was a phenomenal gardner and agriculturalist. i remember helping in the garden on long summer evenings with my family… picking fresh peas and checking on the watermelons. it was amazing as a child to see it develop in front of me and share our labour of love with the people in our community.

committing to this past time has resulted in expansion and being proud of creating meals with the produce i collect every evening. a favourite part is seeing the new shoots bud and the expectation of ripe juicy vegies.

returning home and planting roots again here, this venture demonstrates in the physical what is developing in my daily walk. new things are coming!

have you been surprised at what a new hobby or venture has brought out in you? what surprised you?

:: holding on to the good ::

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