a monthly post sharing some key words that make up the month and what it means to me… i want to look back on each year, and have a whole glossary of words that represent the seasons and journeys i have faced.

{ embrace }

i have reached a -what now?- point which i am realising is a great opportunity to embrace my limits rather than resist them, and turn to His strength which is made in my weakness.

{ slow }
i am back limping from an ongoing injury which started from an accident that happened at university. i’m hoping to have physio or even surgery options to improve the situation.

{ wisdom }
taking on wisdom that is shared with me, remembering that those that have gone before have amazing pearls to share for the future – like watering my garden before 10am 😉
our little ones are really getting to know each other now, excited when they see each other and giving hugs freely. they get on so well and love to explore together. bring on the summer!

What word(s) best describe life for you right now?

:: holding on to the good ::

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