a sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations
as you may well guess, i am in a season of transition; moving through to {new ground} or searching high and low for it! it never feels comfortable or safe but it’s definitely inevitable. as i wrestle with the feeling of disappointment i want to share some keys i use to push through. i hope these encourage you or a friend if you are in this place too.

1 **let out the emotions** sometimes feeling like a disappointment is really just a lie glossed over with an overwhelming feeling of crisis. you might need to let out feelings of frustration, sadness, anger or rejection. letting them out through tears, music, poetry, exercise, screaming in a pillow, baking, playing with your pets or laughing with your children frees you up.

2 **commit to doing a special deed or a random act of kindness for someone else** when you shift your focus from yourself to the needs or joy brought out in others if flows back to you. you have created a moment for them, you are important.

3  **gather photos and momentoes of times gone by** these moments captured always help shift you out of the feeling of discontentment; it reminds you of times when you felt complete and uplifted in life. look for those times when you felt fulfilled, energised and excited and soak them up.

4 **be resolute** we all have dreams and ideas and sometimes when things don’t go as planned it is an opportunity to act braver than you feel. commit to revealing your dreams on paper/a blog/canvas, think {if i couldn’t fail, what is my dream?} remember that those who succeed are risk takers, they didn’t let walls they or others built stop them from moving forward.

5 **focus on the possibilities** there is always a shard, a remnant of hope to hold onto. maybe what hasn’t eventuated is really the start of an amazing adventure that you just can’t see yet. maybe you will meet somebody tomorrow that will tell you something that will start you on a journey that you never thought possible!

6 **trust that you have given your best** step back a moment and acknowledge what you have done to get to where you are, so may be what you had hoped has not turned out, maybe your plans have crumbled to the ground but know that right now from what you know and what you believe, you did your best. my motto to live by is {do your best and leave the rest!}

i hope this uplifts you and breaks down the feelings of disappointment you might be experiencing, i sure need to take a dose of this medicine too! disappointment is often a mask for something far greater than we can see right now, push through!

{when you find your path, you must not be afraid. you need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way. ― paulo coelho}

please share your experiences of how disappointment brought new and exciting things into your life. i know it will be so encouraging to me!

:: holding on to the good ::

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