did you know that kimberley from creative chaos has organised a {send us christmas} swap this year? i have never been involved with one of these since it was kind of tricky when living in south east asia, but this year i jumped straight in. in the past my work place has done a week-long secret santa swap to get everyone geared up for christmas so i didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity! entries close on november 10 so it’s not too late to join!

check out the rules here

being back in nz for the wind down up to christmas is something we haven’t experienced for so long

, we’re excited to have my family at our place for christmas dinner and i thought to share some ideas/preparations on here as the time comes along.

i want to start an advent tradition with our little one, and so i am on the hunt for an idea i can create at home. the focus is going to be on sharing the reason for the season and exploring this together as a family. i really like this peg idea.
as a family unit, we want to create customs and traditions around this holiday so i have been doing some searches and finding inspiration in the following places.
4. typo
are you ready for the {silly season}? is this post too early for your liking? share some family traditions you have at home, i would love to hear them!
:: holding onto the good ::

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