today i am sharing some favourite posts i have written over the years.

this blog spot will be four years in december…. hard to believe it’s been that long! what started as a way of sharing our experiences when living abroad and documenting family life has developed to a place where i can really share what’s in my thoughts and heart.

i have lots of new readers and want to thank you all for coming and visiting this place. thanks for the encouragement from the comments {i read every one!}, emails and times i might see you face to face.

it means so much. so without further a do:

here are some past posts which i thought you might want to check out

it’s ok when it’s not ok
the post i was most apprehensive to share but so thankful now that i did, it helped me to share my deepest thoughts and not feel like a phoney that is always positive and chipper.

it’s a journey not a destination
a very popular post of mine, sharing some personal insights into what makes me glow and things that remind me of the good.

why i love fridays
i just can’t get enough of that friday feeling and commemorated it in this post.

the difference
written when i was relecting on traveling and how many people compare and contrast their culture with anothers. i shared some wisdom a friend shared before i went traveling that i still hold to today.

to relive it again
memories i shared of a time growing up on the farm that i would love to go back to.

my feet may wander but my heart does not
when asked a question – {what do you do}? but without using your job as an answer… what would you say? I shared some photos on this post capturing moments that have shaped me.

i hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

:: holding onto the good ::

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