in 1964, whangarei, nz became a {city} of more than 20,000 residents. it was a great time for the region and in that year over 60 local events commemorated this achievement. to mark this 50th jubilee a parade and after party was organised on saturday. and what a fantastic opportunity to bring some local pride and celebrate the uniqueness of who we are!

the crowds was what struck me first. there were so many people dressed in the 1960s theme, clapping and cheering and bringing a positive and celebratory atmosphere.

it was a celebration of who we are and what stood out to me was the diversity that was displayed…

anticipating the next float

i love how different groups were represented as one community; celebrating our history. there were floats from the filipino, fijin, tongan, samoan communities, highland bands, sports clubs, churches – over 70 floats were registered!

young and older, families and adopted kiwis gathered together and having fun. the rain stayed away and it felt like nobody wanted to go home. we enjoyed some deliciously homemade fairs from the market for lunch and watched our kids dance to rock n roll. my favourite parts were bumping into long lost friends in the crowds, when you embrace that special person and soak up the {knowingness} of times gone by – it was pretty great.

thanks whangarei – love it here!

:: holding onto the good ::

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