if you live outside of new zealand you may be unaware of a wild craze that has gripped north islanders for the last couple of weeks. people are going absolutely bonkers for chocolate milk! more specifically lewis road creamery {fresh chocolate milk}

there are crazy stories of supermarkets selling out, counterfeits being produced, people selling their purchases online and customers being limited to only single or double purchases of the product… so, can it be that good?

i was in the supermarket midday to get a couple of top-up items, as you do, and suddenly thought to swing by the dairy section to see if i could get my mitts on their luscious treat, one for hubby and moi. little did i know what i was getting into as i casually walked by. an uncle and his nieces were grabbing them off the shelf and taking selfies with the bottles in a nearby aisle and as i was advancing toward the flavoured milk shelf, out of nowhere a young lady {from a neighbouring food shop} swooped in and grabbed the last remaining four bottles, in my politest voice i asked {do you really need four this morning?} but she was desperate to take one for each of her workmates and was actually willing to wait for a fifth. i shrugged my shoulders and was about to move on when a helpful supermarket employee went through the doors to get some boxes from the back. she was quick to question the young lady about her five bottle purchase and even quicker to reiterate that they are not selling to other shops to then resell! man i was in utter amazement as i took the two bottles in my hands, feeling the cool features of the plastic bottle and examining this rare marvel.

i shared this pic on my instagram and had a fellow blogger comment back that she had put two bottles in her supermarket cart only to have them taken out of the trolley when her back was turned! madness! how and why are the questions going around in my head.

marketing is a powerful tool but word of mouth and social media is where you reach the pinnacle. regular posts and instagrams are popping up with the classic bottles and everyone is raving about it. and it’s worth the rave. the drink is seriously delicious and packed with sugar!

lewis road’s marketing director angela weeks explains in this article, {we suggest that like all wickedly good things, moderation is a virtue. That’s why we call it a treat – even on the bottle itself} so, fellow kiwis, have you tried it? what are you thoughts on the drink?

around the same time i was chatting online with my mum who was checking in about the job search. she shared a quote she uses and quite frankly, lived through.

{when a door closes, another door will open but it’s hell in the hallway.} 

oh how true that saying is right now! my mum gets where i’m at as she has been one of the patient people i know, finally in a position that she is passionate and challenged by. hallways remind me of playing blindman’s bluff with my brothers and friends that would stay on the farm with us. we lived in an old bungalow style house with a huuuge hallway; so wide and long to a kid. We would turn off all the lights, put a blindfold on someone and play this game for hours until someone cried or peed their pants or both!

it sure is a picture of what it can be like when you can’t see where that next door is going to open. it can feel a little {hellish} because it is dark, uncomfortable and disorientating. that game was always a bit of fun and i forget that so can the wait. waiting is a good thing, like i shared in this post. maybe i just need to invest in a certain chocolate milk company well i’m at it…

anyways, hope you are good and gearing up for the spring weather we are owed after yesterday’s thunderstorm!

:: holding on to the good ::

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