for father’s day this year, i had the idea of doing {the present or the bag} a take-off of the famous kiwi game show {it’s in the bag} that toured the country in the 70’s and 80’s. hubby had to choose between the wrapped presents or a new idea on a handwritten note {well, i’ll let you know he somehow managed to get them all by the end!}

one of the notes was to take isaiah to ocean beach for the first time. ocean beach is a place you have to plan to visit as it’s positioned on the southeast side of whangarei heads; the entrance to our harbour.

this beach holds fond memories and feels like mark’s second home as he grew up at mcleod’s bay; body boarding through his teenage years there and taking trips out to surf when back from uni or when the waves were good.

 it was a bit too chilly to stick around for the whole day like we had planned but taking the opportunity to see this gem of northland is definitely well worth it. the drive there is picturesque and different to anything you would see along the coast… stunning landscapes and colourful baches and historic homes are dotted along the foreshore.

isaiah was tired but enjoyed being outside in the sun, as he always does. sand and beaches are still pretty new to him and running down the sand dunes took him by surprise.

this destination is perfect for kids especially if they enjoy sliding down the sand bank. we saw some families getting into beach cricket, reading in the sun and dipping toes in the water.

it can get amazing swell coming in on a regular basis but on calm days like this you can enjoy exploring the rock pools and take advantage of the peach cove track at the southern tip of the beach .

isaiah’s giggles could be heard as they slid down the bank that joins proctor’s to ocean beach.

my camera died before i could take any more photos {both of my camera batteries were flat!} but this beach had lifeguards ready for the throngs of summer-sun beach goers and plenty of shoreline to share. it is a beauty well worth the visit and drive.

:: holding on to the good ::

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