i have a love of thrift/opportunity/second-chance stores; there are hidden treasures there to explore and unearth. my first-choice option would be to go on my own and just get lost in the books. sometimes i flick open a book and am transported to a place and time and a familiarity that’s hard to explain…

yesterday i was in a store and found this incredibly beautiful, uncomplicated story. published in 1977 with a sale price of  $1.50 {back then} from kidsarus, a non-profit women’s collective that was established to liberate young people from sex-stereotyped behaviour and role models.

i wanted to share it on here, because it’s so unique and was something quite thought-provoking for me.

it’s written in the first person as a young son explaining how he and his parents cry through his development and in circumstances outside his control. it really is very sweet.

it’s a great reminder that we all cry, whether in happy reunions, conflict or dealing with physical pain. i loved the simple emotions behind the sketches and how mum and dad are very different but train their son openly and honestly.

tears fall easily for me; i think it is my compassionate, sensitive side that is not very far away. tears are a release and i believe, a powerful expression of a need or want. don’t get me wrong, i am not suggesting we all become sooks and dripping time-bombs for emotional outbursts but it is a powerful thing to consider as {a parent, mentor, role model.}

adults sometimes cry too and it shouldn’t be a surprise to our little ones.

::holding onto the good::

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