our boy is continuing to grow {funny that!} he is two months away from hitting the big two year mark and is now an avid grabber of things. he has some amazing strategies for gathering the things he wants from the spaces above.

i took the above picture quite by accident but it seems to epitomise the feelings i am pondering at the moment.

he is reaching for the future, and it’s happening too fast! he is still so vulnerable {and spirited!}

as his guardians and coaches, we want to hold the future in our hands but we can’t; we can guide and train. it sometimes just takes your breath away with the responsibility and amazing role we get to play as parents. what are we teaching, modelling and encouraging in his little heart?

the answers to these are what we yearn to hold but all we can do is share ourselves with him and be intentional in our wants and dreams.

do you have questions like this?

:: holding on to the good ::

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