we felt like tourists in our hometown this weekend when we explored the hatea loop 
{we didn’t have enough time to do it all this time round but will be back}

it made us hugely proud of what has been created around a historically significant and vital part of our area since we have been away.

it was clear that this has been well thought out in a creative and intentional manner. we learned so much more about the background of this place and our people.

there were places to stop and interact, drawing you into the artefacts and landscapes. it was hard not to stay a while in each place and i ended up having to hurry hubby along as he wanted to digest all the information posted!

the grounds are well looked after and it is evident that it is maintained regularly. there is so much life and vitality in a place that was once inaccessible.

there were people everywhere {well for northland standards anyway!}, groups taking the time to use the area to it’s full capacity {below was a touch rugby game} we saw lots of different age groups making the most of the day, including a dad on a skateboard carrying his tiny dog and being followed by his young son on his own skateboard – talent there!

each part of the walk is steeped in imagery and meaning. we were keenly aware that there was a purpose for each part of the journey.

the newest part to the loop is the walk bridge {kotuitui whitinga}, which connects the riverside to the mainland. it felt surreal to be standing and looking at the tidal river from this viewpoint and seeing the larger bridge te matau ā pohe, or “the fishhook of pohe”.

there are lots of places to stop and enjoy the water and open spaces. or else you can just play peekaboo likes these two 😉

{the hatea loop is a connection between diverse activities and places, enhancing opportunities for social engagement, identity and pride.} from the signpost for kotuitui whitinga.

it really is a great place, for exercise, chillaxing or family time. you pick.

oh and invite me if you go, i would love to do the whole thing next time!

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