it’s been just over 9 weeks since we have been living back in new zealand, our permanent move home. i have been reflecting {i am a pretty reflective individual ya know} about moving countries and continents and thought to share some things to consider if you are ever in the same situation.

there is lots that could be covered, but these points have stood out to me the most:

1** it takes t-i-m-e ** time on all accounts, time to get yourself into certain routines {like the fact i still don’t actually know what day the rubbish is collected!}. give yourself that space to adjust and don’t put pressure on yourself to have it all together straight away.

2** shop around ** you need certain household items and services organised, what a great opportunity to investigate locally owned businesses or find out how larger organisations can benefit you. in our situation, being away from a country for nearly 5 years, some aspects of day to day living has changed which can broaden your horizons when it comes to your business commitments.

3** you are not going to be where a lot of your friends/relatives/acquaintances are right now ** while you have been gallivanting around the world, many have been setting up house and home and developing amazing skills in areas you haven’t experienced. this is your opportunity to start that journey but remember you wont be at the same place that’s all.

4** be intentional ** people will forget that you haven’t been around social circles for a while and will often just leave you to your own devices. get out there, choose to be social or involve yourself in new opportunities that you may have always wanted to do/try. {i’m working on this one}

5** be gentle on yourself ** transitions are just that -the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another {online dictionary}. there will be days filled with liberating moments, joy that you are back home with all the new found freedoms. and then there are days when you crave a nostalgic feeling of a time and a place, a person’s hug or friendship. and that is absolutely ok. acknowledge each one, but don’t stay in that place, move through it by reaching out in some way.

so there you have it, my 5 cents on the moving countries business. it’s certainly not for the faint hearted! all the best to you if you are in the middle of the process!

happy day!

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