we are all designed for connection. it’s no mistake that we social creatures constantly want to develop relationships and construct meaning around us. we each are creative in our own way, we each have something to contribute; to give to others so they can take and give further to others so that they can then continue to impact, and the connections go on and on.

for me, blogging has always been about forging connections.

living overseas for the last nearly-five years urged me to find connections in my homeland but also to share with others “out there” the journey we were on.

and on friday i got to meet up with some of the inspirational, funny and downright talented ladies that make up the whangarei bloggers group. finally! i have always been super jealous of their meet ups while living overseas so i was nervous to be invited to a gathering with kids and food and some introductions for the first time.

i totally needn’t have worried, it was great! just down-to-earth {albeit it a bit windswept), with heaps of laughs and a feeling of comfort that only comes when you have stalked followed a person’s life online.

gathering with these amazing women on saturday, was a picture of connection. the atmosphere was relaxed and uplifting. laughs were had and crafting-in-public was celebrated while kids frequently checked in with their mums {read – my son sprinting for the car park!}.

so thanks whangarei bloggers {retired, current and/or reformed} you guys really are tops and i hope the next one comes around soon!

check out the group below
Whangarei Bloggers

happy blogging!

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